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How music can be an inspiration for the writers and lovers alike?

Both of them have the perfect thirst and appetite for it. As the music flows, so does words out of the box. Be it the writer pouring out his thoughts or a lover pouring his heart out, music acts as an aid for both of them. It acts as a catalyst and it leads to great outcomes too.

Music can be love for somebody or a form of it.

Just like we fall in love with different genres of music every day and with so many choices, we can Davido fall in love in our life too, again. This is how closely music can be compared and understood with and in our life in its true sense. And if music is so closely attached to us and we find it to be something that we can’t do without, we have to find ways to keep it close with us every time, just like our loved ones.

It’s no brain storming to relate these two things and design products and services catering to these needs. This is where the market is shaping up these days and this is where the future of music is.

There are hundreds of Free MP3 Music Downloads these days that offer a variety of services. The market has increased tenfold and so does the competition. But we do not mind this; after all we are the beneficiary of this cut throat competition. The more options the developers will throw in the market, the more would be the consumption.

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We all have different likes and dislikes and thus there is scope for every app to perform well. There are few consumers who only like Nigerian music and few of them who love a fusion of Foreign and Nigerian both and apart from these we also have world music and its lovers. Due to such demands in the market and an increase of tenfold of consumer in the market every day, we have mobile apps. And since the demand is such, all of these offerings occupy a fair share in this rigorous competition.

Isn’t it good for the deal hungry consumer of today who is seeking something more from everything that the market has to offer?

Well indeed it is.

Music cassettes, audio CDs and even pen drives; all of these were the different source of music for us from all these years. Those days are really gone when the consumer had to wait to listen to their favorite number for days together. Even with the availability to download music online in these few years, it now seems that the generation has moved a step further. The generation of today is fast paced and result oriented. We like to listen to music online at one click with supersonic speed and yes that’s an exclamation.

As a consumer and as a developer, it is a healthy environment to be in and both of them are striving for more and more.
OlaTunes connects the love of life and love for listening to music online and draws a comparison and also shapes the article interestingly so that it focuses on how both of these demands are being catered for.

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